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Hey babe! Want to live as a body?

The world needs your human. If you want to get out of your head and feel more Alive, then this is your zen den for access to my healing arts, including my signature embodiment method and membership, BODY ART.

BODY ART is a 90 minute somatic self study (relating to the body) and energy activation  to heal, liberate and express thy self with the art of music, embodied dance, journaling and poetry.


You'll also find my other offerings for learning to live in a body, as a body. Let's be the Art we are!

Available Offerings

Pleasure Wands 101 MASTERCLASS

Learn about the power of embodied self pleasure and using crystal wands. Try the 60 minute class that over 80 women have been awakened to! Yours to keep. Concludes with erotic breathwork session. 


  • 60 minute pre-recorded masterclass
  • Erotic breathwork session to close the class
  • 30 minute sensual self-pleasure play-list
  • WAANDS discount code
  • A list of my favorite pleasure products

$55 one time purchase

Morning Juice "High Off You" for Sensuality

A 30 minute embodied wake me up or wind me down class blended with an extra dose of honey. Take your juice!

Morning Juice is a blend of breathwork, yoga, freestyle dance, journaling, and prayer to get your life force energy flowin, and in this case, dripping with Aliveness! You'll feel grounded, energized, and sensualized. 

BODY ART Activation - "Thorns and Roses"

Somaticize the thorns and roses of love and life. 

Want to get out of your head? Do you want to express your emotions in a healthy way, liberate your sensuality and awaken feminine Aliveness? Then please enjoy my BODY ART “Thorns and Roses" 90 minute Activation - for FREE! This was the first ever BODY ART that was held in February 2021; it created so much juice that it became a membership!

HOW-TO: Free Vayus Embodied Meditation

Want to quiet your mind? Have trouble sitting still in traditional mindfulness meditation? Moving through trauma?

In this FREE embodied meditation how-to, we will use a calming breath, energy direction and hand movement to guide you to a more at ease nervous system in just a few minutes! Trauma-informed.

My Offerings Available Offerings
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