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Alyssa Kuzins is an embodiment coach, retreat leader and writer, working on her first book (title TBA) A poetry memoir of the human spirit, healing and love. Her mission in all her work is to guide women to be, express and honor who and how they are, in any given moment, in a body, as a body. Alyssa embraces embodiment, expression, and sensuality as pillars of being a more empowered human, and holds sexuality to a high standard in spirituality, believing in a body-mind, not mind-body focus. 

Her spiritual awakening began in 2013 when she dropped out of her Master’s Program in Public History and declared she would pursue a “yoga career,” despite her family’s dismay and own lack of experience. After a series of trials and tribulations consisting of a short term split with her husband, her beloved Goldendoodle’s untimely passing, and a devastating cycling accident that resulted in her husband (a 4x Ironman Triathlete) being in a coma for two months after suffering from a traumatic brain injury; she realized that life is a series of initiations, both individually and collectively. Hence, the title of her new book, which is dedicated to her husband, and mirrors her grief process through his recovery and caretaking. Through the strength and catharsis in embodiment that she found during her experiences, Alyssa was able to climb out of depression, reactivate her libido and regain connection to self and her husband. She remains committed to being a guiding light for others’ work through their own trauma and initiations. If trauma and stress take us out of the body, then she teaches us how to go back in and heal.

In 2015, she received her certification to teach yoga and participated in both a Kundalini Intensive for Women Training and a Yoga for Trauma Training, which set the foundation for her approach and creation of BODY ART. BODY ART is her signature embodied dance writing workshop and membership community created to help heal, up-level and understand yourself through the art of music, dance, breath and writing.  It was birthed as a way to share her healing methods with others. Emotional Expression. Sensual Liberation. Awakened Aliveness. Alyssa also leads Radiance Retreats for women all over the world. Each retreat is unique, tailored towards healing and has an energetic signature meant to carry you through your embodiment and communing. She safely guides women back into their bodies to honor and express themselves. In her coaching spaces, your humanness is welcome, and you’ll leave feeling liberated and so seen, by yourself and others.

She also is the host of the podcast, Self Care Spotlight, which highlights honest conversations on mental health and healing. Though on hiatus, the latest season centers around poetic healing and features poets and poetess’ and poems to heal racial injustice, sexual empowerment, promote using your voice, love and more. In 2020, her podcast was in Apple’s top 120 in the US, Canada, and Australia's mental health category.

More recently, Alyssa and her husband, Brad, were featured on Brain Injury Association of America, for their #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign and Pittsburgh Today Live’s Morning Show, where they shared a beautiful moment the week Brad arrived home from the hospital. 

In her career, she has been interviewed by or contributed articles to Elephant Journal, Authority Magazine by MEDIUM interview, PRISM Magazine by Chakra Girl Radio, Spiritual Biz Magazine interview, Life Goals Magazine, Redefining Yoga Podcast with Lara HeimannI'm Awake Now What Podcast, Heart Soul & Magic Podcast, The Unique Way Podcast, The Bare Naked Soul Podcast, Madness Cafe Podcast, The Inner Experience Podcast, and the Truth or Dare Podcast.

Alyssa currently lives in Charleston, SC. When she isn’t working, she loves to travel, cook, arrange flowers, take a walk, work on her tan, workout, and talk to girlfriends on the phone. She regards freestyle dance as a lifeline to her healing and joy and is always down for a dancing night out! Alyssa hopes her journey inspires others to believe in what’s possible for all of us. We are not our trauma. Healing is possible, and we all need to keep fighting for our joy.    

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