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Private Blyss Embodied Retreats in Charleston

What does your daily blyss embodied look like?

I want you to know this sister, my way of living is NOT reserved for unicorns. I might be a Projector who is literally built to have more by doing less, but that also means I'm here to guide other humans to a new way of living that's about coming back to Being. It is beyond possible for YOU to live your own version of embodied, sensual living, just like me.

So, want to try on my sensual life and discover your own? Want to hang out like besties? Would you love high touch coaching? Are you ready to feel all the f*ck Alive?

This fall, join me for 3 days in charming Charleston, SC for an intimate 1:1 retreat in my beautiful home where you'll have the chance to embody sensual living to a high degree by getting to experience "a day in the life" + private coaching. In this way, you get to feel this way of living in your nervous system and get real time, in-person coaching on the why and how to clear your blocks and design your blyss embodied life. 


  • Your stay in my luxury apartment complete
  • with large soaking tub (shall I draw you a bath?)
  • Pool time (duh)
  • Morning kundalini meditation
  • Daily Morning Juice practice
  • 50 min massage at my luxury monthly spot
  • Beach afternoon at Sullivan's Beach (my fav local beach)
  • Golden hour professional beach photo sesh (gallery to keep)
  • Photos followed by silent disco at the beach
  • All breakfasts
  • Cooking and jazz dinner night
  • Dinner at top rated water view restaurant
  • Dinner at rooftop restaurant
  • Morning sightseeing around the historic
  • French Quarter (my fav!) while we drink iced coffees from my fav cafe
  • Evening strolls around the pond, journaling, tea & deep talks by candlelight
  • Coaching sessions (my Projector asks the right ?'s)
  • "My favorite things" welcome gift

And who knows what else! Marshalls? Chipotle? My world is your oyster!


  1. You've done my retreats or been in one of my memberships or coaching programs before.
  2. If you have not worked with me, you've been following for a while and feel in your soul that this is needed.
  3. You're a woman ready to receive high touch (close relationship) coaching and may feel called to the safety of private retreats as you work on the sister wound.
  4. You're totally willing to get out of your comfort zone and may feel like you need a big catalyst to make shift happen
  5. You may be needing to integrate AND celebrate all the work you've been doing!
  6. You deeply yearn to live more sensually and want to know what that truly feels like in your body-mind system.
  7. You want to do less and live more without sacrificing. New codes of a "successful" life.

HOW LONG ARE RETREATS & WHAT'S THE COST? Ideally you'll arrive on a Wednesday and leave Saturday morning, but I do have some flexibility. I am aiming to book the second week of the month. Final details will be discussed together once your application is approved. I'm doing one per month in August (sold out), September, October and November. The cost is $2,200 (payment plan available). 

The premise is simple. Come celebrate Aliveness and live my embodied, sensual life so you can go home feeling inspired and capable of creating yours! 

SOUL LEVEL CLIENT APPLICATION (this is where you also tell me which date you desire)

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