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Pleasure Wands 101 MASTERCLASS

Learn about the power of embodied self pleasure and using crystal wands. Try the 60 minute masterclass that over 80 women have been awakened to! Yours to keep. Concludes with an erotic breathwork session. 


  • 60 minute pre-recorded masterclass
  • Erotic breathwork session to close the class
  • 30 minute sensual self-pleasure play-list
  • WAANDS discount code
  • A list of my favorite pleasure products


  • Embodied vs. disembodied self pleasure
  • What is Kundalini?
  • Empowering ourselves with self pleasure
  • The different wand shapes (why and how to use them)
  • Building trust with your body, including after trauma
  • Releasing pelvic floor tension
  • Ways to turn yourself on and naturally lubricate
  • The importance of romancing yourself
  • Expanding our view of self pleasure
  • What an orgasm is "made of" and how to apply that
  • Dispersing sexual energy for bigger, longer orgasms
  • The energy you put into your body
  • Self pleasure while in relationship

Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with all the info you need + a log-in for this MemberVault site will be created, which you can use to access the replay, WAANDS affiliate code and play-list at any time. It would also be the same log-in if you choose to become a BODY ART member at some point or already are one.

There are NO REFUNDS.

3 Monthly Accesses

Pleasure Wands 101 Masterclass Recording

Easily watch the masterclass recording at any time. The class is 60 minutes and concludes with an erotic breathwork session with music. 

WAANDS discount code + shop link + my fav products

Use my affiliate discount code at WAANDS to shop your very own pleasure products. Shop link provided, as well as a list of my favorite products! 

Self pleasure play-list

Get a 30 minute self pleasure play-list curated by yours truly to help you drop in, romance yourself and get in the moood for big release.

Monthly Accesses for this offering 3
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