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Morning Juice Subscription

A 30 minute embodied wake up or wind me down class. Take your juice!

The shorter, less of a deep dive complement to BODY ART, Morning Juice is a blend of breathwork, embodied meditation, yoga, freestyle dance, journaling, and prayer to get your life force energy flowin!

What’s in the blend, depends on the day.

MJ is now available to everyone, and makes a beautiful add-on to Tier 1, is included in Tier 2 BODY ART or can stand alone.

So, what juices am I referring to? Your creative, sexual, life force energy! And guess what? They're all the same thing.

A low tone life force energy means we feel meh, unmotivated, not creative, tired and have a low libido because our neural pathways (which carry life force energy in the form of body-brain messages) are NOT firing fast and efficiently. We're operating on auto pilot and/or burn out and most likely, from the head.

So, how do we get high tone, clear running neural pathways (which are electricity aka energy), WE MOVE OUR LIFE FORCE!

I'm so ready to get our juices flowin' together!


How is this different from BODY ART?  Think of MJ as the shorter, quick hit version, that at times is softer, as in, less intense than the deep dive of 90 minutes of BA. It also sometimes includes yoga, which BA does not at all. As one member put it, MJ leaves her feeling energized and grounded, while BA is delicious and totally takes it out of her as she is processing all the beautiful downloads. I believe we need both. MJ is NOT intended to replace the activations and introspection of BODY ART. That's why I'm making MJ as a complementary add-on for everyone! 

How long are classes? 30 minutes.

Do I get replay access? Yep. You get total access for the whole month!

Do I need dance or yoga experience? Dance is freestyle and intuitive, just like BODY ART, so no experience required. Some yoga understanding would be helpful for knowing names of postures, but I will not be doing any headstands or advanced poses. You'll catch on! 

2 Monthly Accesses

Zoom Link + Replay Library

This is where you'll find your Zoom link for our weekly Wednesday 10-10:30am EST embodiment class. The link does NOT change.

You'll also find the Replay library for the month.

Google Calendar

Snag the MJ Google Calendar so you get day before and day of reminders for ease. 

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I take responsibility for my body and mental health. No matter what is offered in class, I decide what feels good in my body and adapt accordingly. I recognize and understand the risks of possible physical injury inherent to dance and movement practices and I fully assume those risks. I hereby release Alyssa Kuzins LLC and instructors from all liability for injuries that may be sustained while attending or participating in any online or in person dance classes, workshops, retreats or 1:1 sessions. I acknowledge that the information provided in class is subjective and not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace a healthcare professional. I acknowledge that in no way does Alyssa Kuzins LLC or its instructors claim to be a mental health professional who should replace your therapist if you are experiencing serious mental health issues or abuse. (Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop, adapt the movement to suit your body, or consult your physician if symptoms persist.) I also agree to be added to Alyssa Kuzins LLC newsletter and may unsubscribe at any time.

I acknowledge that there are NO REFUNDS, and that I may cancel my subscription by emailing Alyssa.

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