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HOW-TO: Free Vayus Embodied Meditation

Want to quiet your mind? Have trouble sitting still in traditional mindfulness meditation? Moving through trauma?

In this FREE embodied meditation how-to, we will use a calming breath, energy direction and hand movement to guide you to a more at ease nervous system in just a few minutes! Trauma-informed.


Why do we use hands in this meditation? 

The answer is layered. You will be using the hands in an up and down motion connected with the breath. Why? One, it's easier for those who have anxiety or can't sit still during traditional meditation since it involves arm movement and more than just a breath focus. Think of the body as the gateway to a still mind. Two, it's a trauma-informed approach to meditation. When we experience trauma, especially body trauma, our fight or flight response literally takes us out of the body as a safety mechanism, this is why we feel disconnected from it. So being in the body can feel like a scary thing, but going back IN is actually the way OUT of that response, so long as it's done in a gentle way. And because ones own hands are generally a neutral, non-triggering space on the body, they are great to use to bring you slowly back into yourself as a body through sensing your hands. 

What does Vayus mean?

Energy has direction called Vayus. It means "wind" in Sanskrit. Two of them are Prana and Apana. Prana lifts you up, takes you forward, motivating, inspiring. Apana is elimination, downward, let go, release; think like menstruation.

How long should I do it for? Try 3-5 minutes in any position that is comfortable.   

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