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Take A Sip Bundle - two Morning Juice classes

The method: MJ is a 30 minute wake me up or wind me down class. It's a blend of breathwork, meditation, yoga, freestyle dance, journaling, and prayer to get your life force energy flowin! What’s in the blend, depends on the day! Every play-list and vibe is unique.

So, what juices am I referring to? Your creative, sexual, life force energy! And guess what? They're all the same thing.

A low tone life force energy means we feel meh, unmotivated, not creative, tired and have a low libido because our neural pathways (which carry life force energy in the form of body-brain messages) are NOT firing fast and efficiently. We're operating on auto pilot.

So how do we get high tone, clear running neural pathways (which are electricity, aka energy), WE MOVE OUR LIFE FORCE JUICE!

What kind of classes are in the bundle? 

The first MJ is slower and more feels based catharsisIt's themed around Trust, especially when life is uncertain or you're feeling like life is stacked against you or you're in a transition. We transmute the heavier density and by the end, lightness and deep faith will fill your bones. Heads up, this made past students cry in a good way!

The second MJ is more energizing, upbeat and sweaty. I used Aries season fiery, physical energy to inspire this one, and it's so fun and cathartic in a sweat-glistening way! Use it to get a fire under your butt and feel strong. And don't worry, we cool it down with some stretchy yoga moves.

2 Monthly Accesses

Your Morning Juice classes

Here you'll find your two 30 minute Morning Juice classes to keep forever!


Love the songs? Get the play-lists from class to listen to whenever you like.

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