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1:1 Voxer Mentorship: Unlimited Voice & Text Support

Apply Today! Link below and details on how-this-works are explained on the application.


Sister, are you moving through a transition? Uncertainty? Are you evolving? Wanting to shift out of your "comfort" zone that isn't actually that comfortable? Maybe a job, relationship, etc? Do you sense your path is calling you another way? Are you familiar with my work and find inspiration from my way of living? 

I so get it, and I'm here to radically support your butterfly heart just as my sisterhood has during my toughest times.

This 3 month coaching container also includes my Morning Juice class subscription ($50/m value) to keep you embodied and your energy flowing!

Why Voxer coaching is where it's at!

  • Real time support, no waiting for coaching calls
  • Flexible, voice memo me in the tub
  • Playful and fun, say you land a hot date, I'll hype you UP
  • Interactive, no thanks traditional coaching

In keeping with the intention behind unlimited voice and text support mentorship, I wanted to give you my voice, so I've created a voice memo for you to listen to all the details.

Over the years I have chatted with countless of you on IG and felt your genuine appreciation for my in the moment perspective and heart, and more recently I realized, it gets to be THIS easy. Maybe you're tired of traditional coaching or perhaps you haven't ventured into yet at all, but here's what I'll say, this method of mentorship, feels like SUCH a hell yes in my body!

Let me paint the picture and explain why to see if it's a body yes for you too. LISTEN HERE.

Why mentorship coaching? Upon googling, I found this definition that I liked. "The purpose of a mentor is to help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself. This may involve helping you achieve your personal or creative/career goals, introducing you to new ways of thinking, challenging your limiting assumptions, sharing valuable life lessons, and much more."

The investment: $2,100 in full or $700/month

The time: 3 month chrysalis commitment. Because I know from experience that this isn't one and done. Emotions and drama are like waves. You need someone to see you through to the other side.

Apply here, babe

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